Case Study: New to advertising

In this blog series, we walk you through high-level case studies of our work so that you can understand 1) how we support our clients, and 2) the cost of our services.

Spring 2019

We were approached by a new start up brand of men's apparel. They were new to selling on Amazon but they had managed to upload their catalogue of 100 products using online tutorials. Their ASINs were fresh to the 10,000,000+ Amazon UK catalogue, and they were not being found by customers. Our client had a modest advertising budget of £1000 per month and tasked us with building stronger on-Amazon brand awareness using the most suitable advertising methods to generate initial sales.

"We have fantastic quality products, but nobody can find them!"

Following a consultation with the brand to better understand their branding and product range, we created bespoke brand advertisements which were keyword specific to their apparel. As part of their campaign, we built a sponsored brand page, and segmented their product range by target audience and feature - which we used as a foundation for Sponsored products campaigns. This approach allowed us to quickly learn how customers were finding our clients' products - which we used to enable continuous optimisation.

The result was a consistently improving return on advertising spend. Our client quickly generated traffic from relevant page one visibility, which we continue to build on. Through our partnership, we have gained a deep understanding of our client's brand, which allows us to tailor advertising campaigns to meet their products and audiences - from in-season garments to niche ranges customer. Our client has retained our services to monitor and optimise their Amazon advertising.

For our client, we charged a £200 initial set up fee and a £100 monthly budget management fee (equivalent to 10% of advertising spend). Here's what our client has to say about their experience.

"Thanks Will and Three Pillars. We really wouldn't be where we are today without your expertise. We look forward to working together and building a strong partnership!"

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