Case Study: Suspended Account

In this blog series, we walk you through high-level case studies of our work so that you can understand 1) how we support our clients, and 2) the cost of our services.

Summer 2019

Our client received an email from seller performance, informing them that their account was suspended, and that they could appeal their suspension if they wanted. At the point of suspension, Amazon was driving over 70% of their global revenue, and they had just ordered stock for their best selling ASINs from their supplier ahead of Q4. Our client had successfully been selling on Amazon for more than one year, but this was their first suspension. They read articles online about how to write a plan of action for Seller Performance, they were desperate and intimidated.

“We had no idea how to communicate with Amazon. We read the advice on the Seller Central forums and on Facebook, but we didn’t know what was good advice, and what was hearsay. We read some horror stories about people who never got reinstated… we were scared that the same would happen to us.”

Based on what they found on forums and Google, our client wrote a rudimentary Plan of Action, which had a good structure, but 1) did not correctly address the issues that led to their suspension, and 2) did not communicate clearly with Amazon. Their Plan of Action was rejected by Seller Performance. They iterated, without success. Their second Plan of Action was rejected. Panic set in.

After Seven days of suspension and over $40K of lost sales, our client reached out to us for help. Within 12 hours of them contacting us, we had our first call to understand what happened.

During the call we dived deeper into the issues that had led to the suspension. We explored how our client was shipping products - from order receipt through to shipment confirmation. Together with our client, we identified two problems with our client's order preparation, which we discussed with our client during the remainder of our one-hour call. Shortly after we drafted a first plan of action. We reviewed the case internally and discussed the proposed actions that our client should make in order to gain reinstatement, and to avoid future suspension for the same problems. After a quick follow up with our client, we finalised the Plan of Action and requested payment in full.

Once we received payment, we immediately sent the Plan of Action to our client – who submitted to Amazon Seller Performance. Our client was reinstated two days later, based on our strong Plan of Action. Our client has not been suspended since.

In summary, our client wanted a complete Three Pillars Plan of Action delivered within 24 hours. We delivered a complete plan of action in less than 24 hours, at a cost of £1100-. We offered our client the same service within 72 hours, for £900-. Here's what our client has to say about their experience.

"A big thank you to Naomi and the Three Pillars team. Naomi was clear, honest, and reassuring. After two failed submissions we were worried that we would be penalised by Amazon, but thanks to Three Pillars we are live again and we haven't been suspended since. I would recommend Three Pillars to other Amazon sellers who are in trouble, and we will use them again if we ever run into trouble."

If your account has been suspended then get in touch to learn how we can help you.