The Basics: ASINs

Welcome to Three Pillars 'The Basics' blog series. Over the coming weeks we will introduce you to the basics of  professional selling  on Amazon: from listing your products to advertising. Today, we will focus on ASINs.

What is an ASIN?

ASIN is an acronym for Amazon Standard Identification Number. You should imagine it as a SKU within Amazon's catalogue, and it's how Amazon identifies each individual product in their catalogue of millions of products. ASINs look like alpha-numeric strings of 10 characters. They start with 'B0'... for example: B07XRQWMRY

How does an ASIN match with my SKU?

An ASIN is the product page, and Amazon will generate the ten digit alpha-numeric string starting with B0... Your SKU can be anything that makes sense to you. This means that you could have X number of sellers listing against the same ASIN, each with a different SKU. We have highlighted this in the graphic below.

How do I start listing offers on ASINs?

We will focus on Seller Central. Within Seller Central you can find 'add a product', and search for your product on Amazon. You can search by (1) EAN, (2) exact title, or (3) the main features within the title. We recommend that you search in the order that we have suggested above, because the Amazon catalogue is vast and relies on multiple contributors (i.e. sellers) who may or may not have taken the time to create a high quality ASIN with all of the correct information.

Tip: (Particularly those listing a Consumable product, or an office product) Pay close attention to the advertised quantity on the ASIN. It is not uncommon for sellers to create an ASIN using the EAN of the single-item but then change the advertised quantity to a multi-pack.

If you have followed steps 1,2, and 3 above and you still haven't found your product, then you will need to create a New ASIN in the Amazon Catalogue. You can do this from the same 'Add a Product' page within Seller Central. The wizard is comprehensive, but iif you get stuck, or need to upload a large number of products then contact us at Three Pillars. We can help you to upload large volumes of products, as well as advising you on the quality of your ASINs. Non-optimised ASINs can be worse than having no ASINs at all!